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Default Re: How does your current P4P top 10 look

Originally Posted by thewinfella View Post
Condit finished Rory and has since beaten Nick Diaz, Rory has beaten Penn, it doesnt add up!

Until they fight again Condit is firmly rooted above Rory
Yes, but Rory is on the up, whereas I think Condit has plateaued.

Rory is clearly highly motivated for this fight, and he has an aggressive style. He wants to beat Carlos up and stop him. If he does that, then a domination of BJ Penn coupled with a big stoppage of Condit will see him approaching the ass end of the p4p listings, I think. A stoppage or shutout victory over Condit would be a huge statement IMO, and would mark him as a serious contender in probably the most stacked division. Hendricks would still be above him obviously, but Rory would be a serious contender on the rise.

Personally, I don't have Cruz in my thinking because of inactivity, and I don't have Hendo there either because I think there are too many unknowns with him. He's 42, coming off a couple of injuries, hasn't fought in over a year and when he did he went life and death with a guy who a couple of LHWs have pretty much walked over.

P4P top 5 career for Hendo, but until I see him beat Machida I don't see him as one of the ten biggest threats competing in the sport in 2013.

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