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Default Re: How does your current P4P top 10 look

Originally Posted by thewinfella View Post
He has an aggressive style ?? and Condit does not

I agree btw, if Rory does decisively beat Condit it launches him into the upper echelon, but it sounds more like youve already played this fantasy out in your mind, or on your Xbox, Condit does not lose fights decisively! in-fact, its Rory who needs to worry about being finished, like last time
Of course Condit has an aggressive style. I'm a huge fan of Carlos, his fighting style, his skills, fighting spirit and the way he speaks and carries himself.

But I do back Rory to beat him in a war. Not for certain - Condit is too good to pick anyone against him with full confidence, GSP included - but I reckon Rory will take it. That's why I said that if Rory can stop him or sweep the cards, that would be a huge statement. Rory's been talked about as a potential champion for a long time, and if he decisively gets the better of Carlos then it'll be the first true confirmation that the hype is really legit.

And Rory is now established enough that a win for Condit vaults him right back onto the p4p list. Nobody can wave away a clear victory over this version of Rory like it's a given. That's why I like this fight. Because if either man wins clearly then it puts him right in the thick of the most stacked division, and if either of them loses it's not a massive setback because they're both top-quality legit guys and everyone knows it.

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