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Default Re: For all people that think Mayweather will fight Guerrero in May and Canelo in Sep

Originally Posted by Reppin501 View Post
Dude you need to take a step back and gather yourself, you've let the fall of your idol cause you to go full re****...and everybody knows you should never go full re****.
I've been hatin on Floyd since 07.

Pacquaio can be down. Why do I got to lie though and act like I didn't like Pacquaio?

Does that make me a Pac****?

If so, that's fine, but posting him knocked out doesn't hurt me. THat's just one guy Mayweather ducked.

You might as well post pictures of Margarito knocked out too.

And pictures of Martinez on the floor.

But my question, is what does Mayweather got to do with any of that?

The ***** ain't fightin anyone.

I'm callin this **** like I see it.

Mother ****er is trying to **** US out of our money after talkin all that **** like the ***** he is.

If you think GUerrero is a good fight, then that's you. You're a **** sucker. Vote that you will suck my ****.

THat's all you got to do.
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