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Default Re: Why is Mayweather scared to fight someone with a chance to win?

Originally Posted by richie leon View Post
De la Hoya was not that old at 34 and those 2 out of 4 losses were to Mosley which most ppl thought he won and to Hopkins who was way too big for him. Also, Oscar probably outweighed him by about 15 pounds in fight night.

Hatton was a small WW but so was Floyd, and again he was probably the lighter man in the ring that night (Hatton was known for entering the ring @155+ even for JWW fights). Regardless of the weight situation, he KO'd a 43-0, p4p top-10 fighter in his prime.

Judah, while i know this may sound ridiculous and haters are gonna jump on this, was probably more dangerous for having lost his last fight. And while Judah was never a great, elite fighter it was still an impressive win by Floyd because of the versatility and adaptibility he showed that night.

Mosley, yes he was pretty old but it's easy to talk about what Mosley did after the Mayweather fight. Before the fight he was coming off one of the best wins of his career and was rated in the top 5 p4p, if Floyd hadn't fought him when he did everybody would have been on his ass for ducking the great Sugar Shane.

Cotto beating him would be great but him beating Cotto is basically normal, right? Kind of says it all as far as how highly you and everybody else really think of Floyd as a fighter.
DLHs age has nothing to do with him being shot, it has to do with his recent performances and losses. losing 4 out of your last 7 proves that. Ok, people thought 1 of those losses was bull****, , but so was his "win" over Sturm. So we shouldnt praise DLH for beating Sturm and being the WBO middleweight champ, but he gets a pass for getting knocked out by another middleweight champion? ummm no..double standard. He gets his ass kicked by a "bigger" guy in Hopkins and was thrashed by a midget in Pac garbage win

doesnt matter what hatton weighed in the ring. 41 of his fights were at 140 and had 1 fight at 147. and hatton was so big, that he went down to 140 for the remainder of his career

judah, coming off a other way to slice it...he got a shot at floyd because he lost to a guy with 9 wins

like i said, mosley crushing margarito was almost a year and half before that....he had one last great fight...before that fight he looked like **** when cotto beat him... and floyd giving shane a loss like everyone else did when he turned 38 years old and up , his last 7 fights being 2 wins 4 losses and a draw

cotto, was a name and had already had ass kicking placed on him by margarito and pac....floyd being the 3rd guy to do
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