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Default Re: How does your current P4P top 10 look

Originally Posted by greathamza View Post
He is getting up there in age but look at Anderson Silva he is also up there in age but its not like people slide him down the list because of it or maybe they are but they shouldnt as long a he performs.
Injuries are always a question mark we wont know until he comes back so i see where you are coming from.
Hendo had shogun losing pretty bad in the first 3 rounds and that he gasses in round 4 and 5 isnt a surprise for me and it shouldnt be for anyone else either Hendo isnt exactly known for his endless gas tank.
If the fight ended after 3 rounds would you not have said that Hendo took care of Shogun like we never seen before bar the Jones fight?
Anderson is squashing everybody with ease, and sits comfortably on top of his division. Hendo doesn't. And Hendo is several years older than Anderson - 42 is a lot different than 37, especially with Hendo's injuries and inactivity.

Also, Hendo-Shogun was an ATG fight, but I wasn't THAT impressed with Hendo's performance. Good win, but Gustafsson beat Shogun quite a bit easier and took a hell of a lot less punishment doing it, and nobody is pushing him for p4p consideration.

Not trying to compare Hendo and Gus's careers obviously. But at this point in time, I don't think that Hendo is one of the 10 most dangerous fighters in MMA. There are too many question marks over him based primarily on his injuries, time away from the cage and advanced age. But a clear win over Machida will put him in there again, I reckon.

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