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Default Re: Bodybuilder/model picks on twerps plus nutrition,experience, fitness advice share

Originally Posted by dealt_with View Post
They hand out medals for 14th place? Dawson is more ripped than you were as a failed bodybuilder, look at the picture I posted of Dawson. And stop posting your ****ty photoshopped photo, we all know what you really look like rogaine
I wasn't 14th place moron, and Dawson has FAR less muscle mass than I do, look at water drained like him, decimate him you silly old codger:

Ty for saying I was photoshopped, another ego boost when the ordinary man finds my body unbelievable and unobtainable silly Lefty, I also love how you have been humbled so much, you lie and cry about everything, then bust yourself on an alt account. Enjoy babbling though, you really are stagnant in your comments, hence why you bounce from thread to thread all day pleading for attention and not getting out
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