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Default What is the point of "light sparring" as a consistent training method?

In my gym, we only go easy on noobs, but give them a few weeks and it's fair game.

I hear a lot of guys say they've done sparring before, but only "light contact".

We don't know the meaning of "light contact" in my gym. Nobody says "let's do some light sparring today". It's just an unwritten rule that you don't go too hard with noobs (or people that are significantly smaller).
But my coach has always believed that you can't give anyone a false sense of security by going light, and that if you want to be a serious competitor, you gotta learn how to go hard - we all got our asses kicked in the beginning (and I still do by bigger/better guys). But we usually go 80-90% during sparring.

I imagine we're not alone here - and that most gyms don't do this half-contact, light-contact stuff.

So does anyone here belong to a gym that does half/light contact sparring on a consistent basis, and what do you get out of it?
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