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Default Re: My first steps into training and coaching..

Originally Posted by greynotsoold View Post
As far as you training your son, keep in mind that you have a time luxury you will not necessarily have when you begin training kids in a gym. You need to take advantage of that if your intention is to teach your son how to fight for real. You'll read a ton of advice to teach him how to move first, with the idea that this teaches balance. This is 100% counter productive.
To teach balance and everything else, start with proper punching technique. DRILL that into his mind and body. Teach him to throw endless combinations without moving his feet, other than to shift his weight. No "stepping" with punches. That teaches bad habits; that is how you end up with a guy that gets his feet too far apart.
Once he has mastered that proper punching technique, the rest comes easy. He'll catch onto the movement right away, and keep on balance because he'll understand what he is trying to accomplish, why his feet need to be in a certain place. It will also help you to teach this down the line, how to move your weight to avoid punches while always being in a spot to punch back effectively.
You'll find, over time working with young guys, that they hit a turning point in their ability to move well. You'll see 11, 12, 13 years olds that are awkward and sluggish in their footwork become very fluent right around the 14th birthday. Why, I don't know (I'm ignorant of physiology!!) but this happens an awful lot. You can't let it mess with your mind or your approach. Trust in the foundation you set.
I cannot emphasize how essential it is to teach proper punching right out the gate. If you want to create a truly accomplished fighter, one that molds offense and defense, you'll start there. This becomes harder later on, when you are trying to teach 20 kids a night and trying to give each the attention he or she deserves. There is a lot of frustration there, if you care about what you are doing, and you'll develope ways to do your best.
By far the best post in this thread. Are you a coach?
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