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Default Re: What is the point of "light sparring" as a consistent training method?

Originally Posted by dempsey1234 View Post
Nacho Beristain, use's the first round of a sparring session to just jab, no other punches just jabs. He does it with all his fighters including JMM. He uses the first round to warm up and force you to use and learn the jab.
Sparring is where you sharpen your tools and should have a purpose. A good trainer knows when you are ready to be let off the leash, sparring shouldnt be wars, there should be a plan. Like working on things and trying them in the gym sparring before you try them in a fight. I know a coach, who gives instructions to both fighters, telling them what he wants worked on. I would say that a coach who is trying to teach a new skill will go slow at first, as you get better using that skill the speed and contact will come.
I can't agree more. the point of sparring is to help both fighters and sometimes by going light you get a good sense of what you do wrong and right. instead of going in there to go all out you dont learn anything (technique, defense, etc) and the coaches again watch to see what they can help you improve on. sparring isnt supposed to show whose the better fighter but what you need to work on
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