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Default Re: How does your current P4P top 10 look

Wrestling to a decision is not decisively finishing a fight is it?

Silva has been finishing fights practically the whole time he's been a dominant champion, Knock out's and submissions, his variation of weapons makes St Pierre look one dimensional.

I wouldn't say St Pierre takes flak per say, he's just not as good as Silva, i think the vast majority of the MMA world, be it fighters, fans, media, anybody involved in MMA recognise St Pierre for what he is, an extremely dedicated athlete, and i dont say the word "extremely" lightly, where as Sliva is simply a born finisher!

The size factor in MMA when considering the true elite fighters in the sport does not really effect things so much that size alone will win a guy a fight, and id be willing to place money on it that St Pierre in terms of core body strength is stronger than most LHW's.
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