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Default Re: What is the point of "light sparring" as a consistent training method?

when sparring skills should always be at 100%, and adjust speed/strength accordingly to the person in front of you.

when spar mates get used to going light with each other mentally, that's where training for competition will diminish. I'm sure you've all seen it before. a guy should be able to beat the opponent in front of him, but for some reason he's have trouble and the match comes out closer than expected. that's because he's used to working at his spar mate's level and not keeping integrity to his own excellence. once you are aware of this you can maintain it. ex. if you drop your lead hand, and you normally wouldn't do this in competition, and you become aware of it in the moment, then ask yourself why. if your answer is "because this guy is new and i'm not worried about it", then check yourself and get your hand back up.

light sparring is super valuable for learning new skills/strategies. there are 5 levels of training (rest, lower than competition, competition, above competition). where would "light sparring" come in for you?
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