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Default Re: Bodybuilder/model picks on twerps plus nutrition,experience, fitness advice share

Originally Posted by dealt_with View Post
Did I get to someone? I noticed you claimed somebody else was lefty as well and you were talking about looking better than Dawson, I thought I'd jump in to humiliate you some more
Not photoshopped? You should probably see a doctor about those flames on your arms then
You jump around from thread to thread getting owned by yourself and others, your own apparent supporters on here think you're a joke and are just having a laugh at you, I won't name names but I've got PM's to prove it
Also I never said Dawson was muscular than you, he is more ripped and in better proportion though. Anglorogaine- 14th place in a two-bit competition on a farm while he's on steroids
You get to someone? someones ankles maybe, you been dropped so many times I think Stephen Hawkings is more sure footed than you

I like how you act more dumb than usual and say ''someone else'' when it was your alt account Lefty that said it, in my old thread that you never posted on till months after that comment and about 400 pages further back, unless you were completely obsessed with me, you memorised it after looking through every single page on my old thread or you just further busted yourself as Lefty Just like your most recent alt from a few days ago

I guess when the victims on my thread are in panic mode when I log on, I need to beat someone up, so you're in luck:

more ripped than me, looks it. Bad news Lefty, you will remember, you claimed I would never even place when I started, no bodybuilding training, 6 months of it, and bam, I beat over 60% of my competitors some of whom I know did Steroids, while I went in clean and inexperienced. I know you would never have made it, the diet would have broken you, I break you on here with my well timed and aimed words, so imagine if you had to go through mental and physical hardship

33 and no hair loss, I should be fine, unlike you and your dome headed nipple pierced master My model gf has NO children evidently, I do however, which will really upset you, it just means I obtain things you can't get. If I still had your old pic, I would bully you further, but now on to my other thread.

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