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Originally Posted by swingin View Post
lucas has refused the fight on twitter. leonmcdead**** has been 'employed' to blunten the challenges exposed by me on ESB, and as soon as i made the observation that leon hadnt posted for about a year or more, he crawled in a hole quicker than browne has.

leon, lucas and his mob are all that is wrong with aussie boxing. the best (some of them) refuse to fight the local best, in an effort to pad their way to a payday.

alex leapai is old school. you fight the best you can handle. you take your wins with your losses and step up. he has fought lesser opponents just to keep busy, not to pad his record or fool the public. his most recent fight was a comeback fight from a hand injury. instantly he called out browne.

browne is making a big noise. like so many west australians. all talk and little substance. lucas responded on twitter (i bet he's told to stop that now) that we should 'ask the people' if we want the fight.

it wasnt a real question, it was a deflection to avoid alex. he is **** scared of alex. so are his handlers, and so is hatton. look for hatton to get another brit fighter to fight alex instead.

we want the best 2 aussies fighting eachother. leapai and lucas. one has said yes. lucas has refused to reply, and even sent in an alcoholic, computer nerd 'lean' to try and distract the challenge put to lucas.

its the fight that needs to happen. its a fight that fans want to see. it could be a box off for a commonwealth title shot. if only lucas and hatton had the guts.

leapai has the courage. lucas so far has looked for holes to climb into.

look for lucas to announce another fight quickly, so as to avoid alex. it will prove his cowardice. just like demori who refuses to fight alex or real opponents.

is it something in the water in perth? is it just their heavyweights? but yellow and purple seem to be a theme in WA boxing....
A bit more whinging and you might just land this fight. Props to you for whining more than a pre-menstrual women on Alex's behalf, and maintaining it for this long.
ALL oz heavyweights a re guilty of dodging and fighting corpses until it becomes neccessary for their credibility to step up. Alex has fought the likes of Oscar Talemaira amongst others, in order to Pad their record.

Its only now that Browne is making noise that you are calling him out? And then you try to make out he is ducking? You werent calling him out when he started a few years back as he was a risky fight for little reward. Now that he's done something, you cry *****.

A classy call out, between 2 respected heavyweights would have had more credibility than this *****ing session.
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