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Default Re: Guillermo Rigondeaux?

Nonentity has a great CV but his big wins have all been against smaller guys who were not at their best when he fought them.

Vic was not focussed or anywhere near his best when Donaire beat him. Montiel & Arce were well past their best when Donaire starched them (imo, and yes I know Montiel went in as a defending world champ - as did Vic of course).

I don't mean to be deliberately disrespectful because I acknowledge that Donaire's body of work over a sustained period of time now is entitled to respect (so much so that I'm only going to refer to him as "Nonentity" once in this post - oops, make that twice).

I'm just making the general point that no-one is ever as good as they look at their best and in Donaire's case I think that's particularly so in that his best wins have been against guys who themselves did not perform well when he faced them and who are natural flyweights.

I think bigger, stronger guys who are close to their best when they face him (which both Mares & Rigo are likely to be next year) will give Donaire big problems. I think I'd back both in against him when the time comes.

I'll finish by saying that if Donaire fights & beats both Mares & Rigo next year, he'll get my vote as fighter of the year and P4P #1 in the sport.
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