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Default Re: the method - johnny famechon

Originally Posted by atigerofold View Post
There are a few other ROTE exercises that fit with the Method, I should share these with you.

I mentioned the excercise that Amby applied to beat Leg weariness. I forgot earlier to describe one to two rounds we spent in ROTE style (repetition of the exercise) dancing (footworK) around and accross the ring.

After we did a round of ducking and catching, there were other ROTE excercises that linked to catching and ducking punches. Amby would chase one boxer with his (Ambys) left hook, forcing his boxer to canter clockwise (to the left) catching adhoc left hooks with the right hand moving from chin to temple; the focus was on rapid exit and away to a safe distance from an attacking opponent.(clockwise) Second exercise was rapid movement -cantering to your right, anti-clockwise....Amby would chase you and try to hit you with his right cross. Often you can actually walk to your right away from an authodox attacker, because they find it hard to travel in an orbital, anti-clockwise, mode (You have to actually get out of your chair and do this - hhahaha, or see it and work with it, for this to become clearer....) Amby would chase you and try to hit you with a right cross. Often the several finales of both these smilar excercises was the boxer hitting his back to the ropes (regularly) , and then ducking under the next punch thrown.

Palmer would then get you to travel diagnally across the ring, shaped up, hopping and stepping up as if you were attacking; then he would get to you JUMP backwards - starting at one side of the ring, he would attack you with a colosal right cross - you would JUMP backwards (in boxing defence stance) and allow the punch to fall short...he'd run at you again, this time - with his swooshing left hook, again you would jump back and let the lefthook fall short, and by this stage your back usually had hit the ropes; he would throw a right cross and you would duck under this, and rapidly get away from your back to the ropes . These exercises were done with such authenticity and relevance to the real ring. It was high pressure foot work, and critical/strategic ring movement work.

It seems to me that these type of exercises/drills are not practised these days; largly, boxers want to walk up....maybe they think that retreating to a safe place (in manners described above) is somehow lacking testoserone, or weak. I tend to believe that retreat is strategic (very much like chess, moving your knight away and out of the way, whilst the opponent makes another few moves, and then bingo, your knight is moved back to the same square to kill the chess piece that is placed back there without thought....) Making punches miss and fall short, is a good way to set up an attack.

Remember, that the main focus of these exercises is....practising to NOT GET HIT.
..thanks for sharing that mate..that's quality information..
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