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Default Re: Bareknuckle fight

Originally Posted by Martinm778 View Post
Ok so i'm fighting this guy in a few weeks in a bareknuckle fight. I am 5'9 170lbs , he outweighs me by 60 pounds and is at least 4-5 inches taller. He is a typical streetfighter with no punching technique, he swings wild hooks and that is his only choice of punches. His idea of getting fit for a fight is to jog on a treadmill for 20 minutes a day and to "bench press heavier to make the punches faster and stronger". I am no Muhammed Ali myself but I've been in boxing a few months now and i'm sure i can beat him on technique and i will also be fitter, i'm doing bagwork groundwork skipping and roadwork 5 days a week. What would your advice be ? Should i use body punches to beat him ? And there will be two referees for the fight so it will be strictly punching only.
Silly idea.

60 lbs is way too much of a size difference. The average 230 lbs guy hits hard and will probably have no major issues with your power.

A few months of boxing training isn't going to be that beneficial - watch any first time boxer Youtube.
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