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Default Re: Bodybuilder/model picks on twerps plus nutrition,experience, fitness advice share

Anglo, you didn't go in 'clean', I'm fairly sure you have admitted to the use of pro-hormones, clen and t3; all of which are banned substances in any drug-tested organisation. I know that some others in this thread won't know what t3 is, but some of us also know that **** absolutely strips fat off (muscle aswell if you're running high dose with no AAS suport) at ridiclous rates

Originally Posted by Smudger View Post
Anyone got any good articles or links regarding cutting fat? I'm at 18% right now, I hope to be down to around 12% by September but having been "bulking" or trying to gain for 7 years I really have no clue...
I've heard keto diets are good, but I really don't want to limit carbs that much if possible, I don't need to get in competition state. This is just a hobby so I can't justify feeling like **** on 50g of carbs to look good :/
Not a fan of keto and it is not magic, at all.

As Virus said, just create a calorie deficit - but to elaborate on what he said, I will say try to keep carbs as high as possible and also bump protein up slightly if you are on 1g/lb (when I'm 'cutting', I go to 1.2g/lb). No need for anything else at 18%bf, I've known people buy DNP at even higher bodyfat than that which is just re****ed.
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