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Default Re: Bodybuilder/model picks on twerps plus nutrition,experience, fitness advice share

Originally Posted by Jdsm View Post
Anglo, you didn't go in 'clean', I'm fairly sure you have admitted to the use of pro-hormones, clen and t3; all of which are banned substances in any drug-tested organisation. I know that some others in this thread won't know what t3 is, but some of us also know that **** absolutely strips fat off (muscle aswell if you're running high dose with no AAS suport) at ridiclous rates

Pro-hormones aren't steroids and sold over the counter, I abide by the rules of the organisation. 2 weeks on Clen and T3 while did help a lot, aren't steroids nor were they anything close to what others used, nor any real significant time, but I will admit they helped, but if I had an extra 2 weeks to play with, I wouldn't have used them, I bulked and shredded in 6 months which is a lot to do in a short time.Even Cutt used Pro-Hormones for a short time, the same time I did actually, they aren't even close to what steroids can do.

Starting at this:
To this:

to this

to this

at finally this

4 weeks on pro-hormones and 2 weeks on T3 Clen doesn't remove the crazy body transformation performed, even on steroids, it would be impressive, without steroids, I am very pleased with my achievements.
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