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Default Re: Which is harder for beginners ?

Originally Posted by brickfists View Post
Hi guys, my missus is into mma and she wants to join a gym. she really like's bjj but has this idea that it is more difficult and dangerous for beginners than anything else so instead she is going to do kick boxing first.

Personally i think this is a stupid idea, imo striking is far more difficult and dangerous than grappling but she is convinced that's not the case.

I've tried to explain that while grappling if you feel uncomfortable you can just tap were as if your sparring its not so easy to just give up as its kind of frowned upon also if you're in a sub you can tap before damage is done but if you're sparring and a hard shot lands and cracks your rib you cant really stop it from cracking

She wants to start off in kickboxing because in her opinion its "easier" and it will make her more comfortable before moving into bjj

So opinions needed here guys am i wrong ? is grappling really more physically demanding and dangerous for beginners than striking ?
Why are we talking one versus the other? Striking and grappling are of course not mutually exclusive. If she is interested in mma then I'd suggest that she joins an mma gym and will train all facets. What is the motivation to narrow down the training?
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