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Default Re: the method - johnny famechon

Originally Posted by old man View Post
A boxer without sharp reflexes might find it too difficult to attempt a lot of strategies in the method.
He would get caught by the counter.

A boxer or fighter without sharp reflexes, should try to hone their skills and get up to the benchmark, or go and play cricket (any mans game),but I do think that there are those in the slow category that are better off practising the catching and ducking in the method. Rapid hand speed in attack is essential, and if you are a plodder, and cannot rise to the challenge to learn how to punch and move fast, then like I say, go and play cricket.

I was watching one of my Jack Russells a few weeks ago, he had come accross a small blue tongue lizard which was hiding out in a small crevice that he had made under the base brick layer on some of my garden steps.

It was facinating; Beau my JRussell, was a tiny bit scared at the blue tongues head bobbing in and out of the crevice, and would jump forward at the BTongue trying to bite at his head; the BlueTongue, would retreat back into his little cave right at the right moment, and let Beaus nostrils hit the brick wall, then Bluey would bite at Beau as he was retreating, this went on for a few days at different times.......Bluey always held his ground, but has moved out, I think, or found a dogless, the dogs didnt eat him, they always bring any kill to the front door. Blue, he was a shrewd defensive boxer for his size and deserved to be congratulated, when matched against such a formidable and tough opponent like Beau.
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