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Default Re: if they were all at their peak.

Originally Posted by thewinfella View Post
Like it Bob

To elaborate ...................

Have Velasquez and Cormier agreed they will fight? they are under the same roof you know that right? dos Santos, he is a real handful, and can only get better, i do have a lot of love for Velasquez but i feel dos Santos has got his number, we will see! but i also believe Velasquez only needs that one single TD and then the pain begins, his top game and striking ability in that position is absolutely second to none, he's so agile and explosive its almost impossible to look for anything on the bottom other than self protection, his stand up is not too shabby either, dos Santos however is a long armed animal who can actually box to a very high standard, he's physically gifted, long reach which is difficult to negate, unbelievable movement, his range control is something to behold, and punch selection is near perfect, considering he doesnt throw kicks he has to be the most effective "one dimensional" champion in history
Interesting, I see JDS v Cormier being the most thrilling 5 minutes or so in Mixed Martial Arts history... JDS on the outside, tagging Cormier and landing bombs, backs him up against the cage, grinding on his opponent. Cormier, bloody and on wobbly legs, leaps in with a hook or overhand right and levels his opponent, punches JDS out, TKO.

Originally Posted by thewinfella View Post
Jon Jones - you and i have a diferent view on what this guy can achieve at HW, because without his wrestling im afraid he's done at that weight, and there's some pretty good wrestlers up there buddy!

Can Jones dominate HW, IMHO NO! can he beat a good HW - YES!
I believe Cain Velasquez could be the end of JJ. Whether it's Brown Pride or not, someone is going to grab one of those legs from the air, and put him on his seat.

But, by then we will could be saying how shattered Velasquez' mandible is

I believe JJ will be pampered, especially if Anderson Silva losses and passes that torch.

Originally Posted by thewinfella View Post
In short as long as JDS and Velasquez are up there i don't believe Jones will ever be a champion! and Cormier would probably dominate him (at this moment) as well, lets not put aside the fact Jones has absolutely no JJ, or well ill re-phrase that, in comparison to some top grapplers he's lacking (to put it mildly) which brings into play people like Werdum etc.
Fair enough, and sadly I believe nobody is going to test that submission defense again besides a fighter like Anderson Silva. Next year, JJ will be on his way out of the division. After Sonnen, if a Super Fight with Silva doesn't materalize, I see him making the transition to HW.
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