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Default Re: 2006-Larry Holmes in Brawl with MMA Fighter?

Originally Posted by AnthonyJ74 View Post
Would Holmes have charged after Mike Tyson like that if Tyson had ****ed him off?
To be honest, he probably would have. Holmes is a very nice guy and incredibly fan friendly, but when ****ed off, he doesn't care who you are or how big, he's going after you.

I remember a few years ago a man in his 60s came into the gym, and Larry and his brother Floyd immediately showed the guy tons of respect and seemed to have known him for quite some time. Anyway, it turns out that the man was the "street fighting king of Easton, PA" at one point. He supposedly was known for getting into s****s every week and was known for knocking people cold. The guy seemed to be in good shape and it was easy to see that he was a tough guy, but anyway he had apparently grown up with Larry and they were friends. The guy apparently did not want any parts of Larry in a street fight, and obviously not in the ring, even when they were young.

As talks went on and what not, an old story of when Larry worked at a carwash before he even turned pro came up. Apparently there had been a huge guy, bigger than Larry, who would take his car to the car wash and the guy did not like Larry and the guy enjoyed starting fights. He was a local ruffian. One day the guy was really getting mouthy with Larry, and Larry got mouthy back. One thing led to another and the guy charged Larry and tried tackling him. Larry grabbed the guy in an awkward headlock and started pushing down on him, then as he was pushing the guy down, he bit him, called him a "mother ****er" and continuned wrestling around with him until it was broken up. Larry has a mean streak that is best not tapped into, even by street fighting standards.

Upon one of their first meetings when they signed to fight, Larry and Tyson exchanged words. They have since made up and are now friends.

The only two things Holmes is afraid of is losing his money and death.
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