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Default Re: Bareknuckle fight

Originally Posted by viru§™ View Post
In terms of dying maybe. Injury wise, cuts, breaking bones, getting jumped, KO'd, etc etc it's far more dangerous. It's a couple of guys attempting to fight in a car part or in the street or wherever. There's nothing safe about it.
It's not a street fight, it's an organised bare knuckle fight. Have you never seen them? There are two ref's to keep fair play. There are rule's.

"Injury wise, cuts, breaking bones, getting jumped, KO'd".. As oppose to gloved boxing?? (Gettin jumped?? Dont be ridiculous and live outside your bubble!)

Boxing gloves are not designed to protect the other fella's head, they're designed to protect fist's.. and without gloves or even wraps your not gona load up on big punches everytime.. unlike gloved boxing. Plus can you imagine gettin a full forced punch with bare knuckles? Imagine that and then imagine that with an extra 8/10 oz added to that punch.

Boxing average's six deaths a year.. nobody has ever died in a bare knuckle fight.

Tell me, what do you think is safer, fist fighting or MMA?

Dont be stupid pal.
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