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Default Re: How does your current P4P top 10 look

Originally Posted by Manila View Post
- Anderson has effectively been undefeated since Dec 2004, he is undefeated in the UFC, undefeated in title fights, holds all the records for consecutive runs, while GSP was knocked out by Matt Serra in the UFC, and so his run of dominance is shorter and far less emphatic. If Anderson had been KO'd by someone of that calibre early on, say Marquardt or Leben, I'd probably have GSP higher now, their respective runs is a factor to take into account (not the most important one, but not to disregarded completely)
All of what you wrote is true, but this part I don't agree with.

We are talking about the current p4p list. Serra beat St-Pierre in April 2007 - more than five years ago. That isn't really too relevant to St-Pierre today. I mean, Jon Jones is top-3 p4p in pretty much everybody's opinion - when Serra KOed GSP, Jones was still more than a year away from making his professional MMA debut. A consensus top-3 p4per who has won 5 title fights has built his entire career since that Serra loss, that's how long ago it was.

Since Serra beat him, GSP has cleaned out a stacked division a couple of times. For years now there hasn't been a question of who The Man is in the stacked WW division - GSP's reign has been extremely emphatic.

As it happens, I rate them Anderson #1, GSP #2 and Jones #3, but that's more about Anderson's finishes and ease of victory rather than his longevity. I think that GSP and Jones have both fought consistently tougher competition, and I reckon a clear victory over Diaz will push GSP to #1 over an inactive Anderson.

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