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Default Re: Greatest Middleweight once and for all- Greb? Monzon? Hagler?

Originally Posted by burt bienstock View Post
If a MW like Greb could at 160 pounds beat LHs as no other MW could do,y
it is a safe bet that he could when REQUIRED to make 160 pounds whip
other top middleweights also...Even when old and past his peak beat Tiger Flowers, Mickey Walker,Johnny Wilson, Ted Moore etc all at MW 160 pounds. When the dynamo that was Greb fought LHs it stands to reason that he would not train down to 160 pounds depriving himself when he did not have to. If a Marvin Hagler, a Carlos Monzon, tackled the best lightheavyweights of their time they too would fight at closer to their walk around weights...Greb at about 5ft8" when trained properly, was a natural 160 pounder when required...He had what no OTHER MW had including
Monzon and Hagler, one requisite that they did not have to beat the big boys, namely blazing hand and foot speed and phenominal stamina that
put him on offense and his opponents on defense...Along with a cast iron chin that took occasional shots on the whiskers from bigger boys,and shake it off. At his best you couldn't outhustle him and you couldn't kayo him...
When in his prime he fought one year 45 bouts and won them ALL...
What MW in history could fight every one of Greb's 300 fight career and
be as successful as him.? No one. Give the man his due. He earned it...
I give bob Fitzsimmons a better than average chance of not only doing exactly what Greb did, but of actually doing better, certainly of winning more fights by KO. And i dont think that Greb could have done what Fitz did (corbett would ultimately be too good) . But this in no way belittles Greb in my mind.

Of the above, I like Monzon, but can see why others would like Greb or possibly even Hagler.
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