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Default Re: Bodybuilder/model picks on twerps plus nutrition,experience, fitness advice share

Originally Posted by cutthroat22 View Post
I'm not against them like. Legs are looking sick in the new fb pic Anglo, hope to get mine in good nick, squatting twice a weak is working a treat right now.
Thanks, legs have been the thing i improved the most since my competition, wish they were like this then! I only train them once a week still, but seems to work.

I fasted yesterday till 2am, then went crazy, had a small Chinese,, then 3 delicious white chocolate pastries with cus**** and cheesecake filling! I guess not terrible considering i didn't eat and did cardio, but still.

I added in 1 mile of cardio every trip now, just to ensure I can enjoy this stay more.

Christmas and NY period is the worst part, so trying to ensure i don't go up crazy, sitting at 13.4 stone which is where i want to be right now.
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