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Default Re: is demori a disgrace to west austalian boxing?

Well Swinger ,, looks like you got what you want , the fights been agreed , suppose now the only thing left is for you to promote it , pay BOTH what they ask and then theres NO EXCUSEES .

Its all right shouting from the rooftops , you want this you want that , and everyones a coward , but first and foremost you need SOMEONE ,,, anyone TO FORK OUT THE DOLLARS.

So from where i stand on the outside looking in , i can see YOU sprouting from the rooftops and making post after post , about Brown ****ting himself ect ect . . Now he's agreed ,, pray tell me do you expect him to pay his own fare back to Australia his cornermans fare , and fight for a couple of grand . Or are YOU going to put your money where your mouth is and promote the show , paying all associated costs , , Airfares , for 2 approx 6 grand , accomadation for two around 300 a night ,, food money, around 200 a day plus the fight fee , which should be reasonable, after all Brown would be putting his carreer on hold while he sorts out who's the best at your insitance ,

OR are you gonna say No i done my bit and then call Brown a doward , because he does'nt want to pay out the money .

In other words , you got what you want , NOW PUT UP OR SHUT UP
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