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Default Re: the method - johnny famechon

I was training boxers in 1999-2001; then in 2011 and up until April 2012.

Breaking down boxing's strategic movements into small parcels/segments/micro-management, was a great way my dad used to teach the boxing method to me and my elder brother; initially, we could discuss and examine exactly what was needed to exist in order to attack, defend, predict and risk (with regards to each punch thown or each punch expected to be thrown by an opponent) At home, particularly after an intense sparring session at Palmers, we would debrief, and then play it out, what might have gone wrong, how we could have done better at some move......slowly,slowly....usually in our large kitchen. I think it is not just training, or a trainer that prescribes detailed instruction that is effective, it is the provision and necessity to practice, practice, practise.....ask..ask...and ask again......break it into pieces and play each piece out, slowly, slowly, debrief again to discuss the competency standard that you are at, and what else needs to be done to establish excellence.(faster, cleaner, fiercer, more practice, ROTE>)
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