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Default Re: Guillermo Rigondeaux?

Donaire started his Career at fly weight moved up to super fly then fought Vic at fly not super fly so how is he under sized?montiel started his career at fly same as Donaire and won titles at fly, super fly and was a unified champ at bantam when they fought at that weight. Your argument has more holes in it then a shrimp bucket.
Arce was a pay day (name). Check out Donaires record he has better names on it then Mares and Rig.
I do agree he should fight both those guys before he moves to feather.

Originally Posted by Sandman_ View Post
Donaire was campaigning at junior bantam when he came down in weight & challenged Vic.

The smaller guys he's beaten are Vic, Montiel & Arce all of whom were at their best at junior bantam or lower. Those are the best three fighters Donaire has fought & he only fought one of them at their best weight (i.e. Vic).

Nonentity is now a junior featherweight. I'd like to see him prove that he's the best fighter in that weight division by beating the other two guys in the division who are capable of making a similar claim rather than having the media or fans simply annoint him as the best.

Me or you saying someone is the best at jr feather doesn't make it so. If Donaire fights and defeats Mares & Rigo next year, he's not only the best at jr feather, but he's also the best in the sport, imo. I can't give him much more credit than that.
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