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Default Re: the method - johnny famechon

Originally Posted by darkhorse View Post
..I think the toughest thing training fighters these days is all the work you put into a kid,then they don't even fight or only have a couple of fights then you never see them get to discouraging putting your heart and soul into a kid but deep down their hearts not in it.. old trainer was that jaded from it he reckons he waits until after a kid/adult has a fight before puttin' any time into them..
That is a decent equation, to wait until a kid has had a fight; though, it is not realistic, that some other trainer might be standing in his corner for his first fight, when you have trained him.

It is a bit of a rarity these days, that kids who are descendants from their father, or grandfathers who boxed, come to a gym and say sign me up for a fight as soon as you think that I am competent. I am an exception to the flock I suppose, I fought pro at sixteen, and from the age of 14yrs whilst watching my elder brother, was highly keyed up, keen and ready to learn to steps up to the block and have my go at it.

I have found some blokes I have trained that are highly skilled and competent, and some of these, I have advised to immediately step straight into novice/prelim pro-boxing, but these blokes have dodged the invitation,(and obviously have their own busy lives and agenda's); some, no doubt are too spooked to actually ever want to take on boxing competitively. In trying to influence them, by honest feedback, they seem to enjoy the hot air blown up their **** as to how good they might be if they took up pro boxing, but wont run towards that hurdle. Gaining prowess by "Thinking about" how you could jump the hurdles should never be rewarded until you have actually jumped a hurdle.

Over my lifetime I have seen a dozen or so blokes that thrive in the gym, but never, ever, take on an offer to fight competitively. It is a shame.

Being a boxing trainer does not only require some technical expertise, but also some psychological presence; this presence does not always work, the youth today - compared to my day, are totally different.
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