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Default Re: This is why Danny Green doesnt like Geale

Originally Posted by stiflers mum View Post
rofl lmao u r a hater!!!!!!!!!!!! Sox
admit it hater u r jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pmsl. Thats why danny was 100-1 underdog hey ?

Originally Posted by buster007 View Post
nobody said he was in his prime, everybody knows that.

green's power overrated? so where r all these other early fight ko's that rjj lost?
i don't remember seeing any.
Green caught him because Jones was not only toast, but also complacent.
rjj was a raging fav cause he was still performing good.
No, Jones was favorite because Danny is **** by comparison.
so how come all these experts on boxing didn't give green a hope in hell?
I guess they didn't expect for Jones to be as toast as he was. Most of us didn't.
all i saw was people saying green wouldn't land 1 punch over the whole 12 rounds. but it never even went past 1 round.

the point is, rjj was the better boxer in the ring on the night but just wasn't good enough.
No, Green was the better boxer on the night, which is why he won.
Jones was at minimum 5 years past his prime.
it happens sometimes u know.
Of course, but not for the reasons you're giving.
Originally Posted by left jab danny View Post
The RJJ Green debate reminds me of the barber shop scene from coming to America with Eddie Murphy.
Did someone mention Danny Green?
Everytime a white boy walks in here they mention Danny Green
Danny Green aint ****!
Well he beat Roy Jones Junior.
Roy Jones Junior was 75years old
He still kick Roys ass!
RJJ was that old that had to bring him to the ring in a wheelchair.
But he still got his ass whipped
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