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Default Re: How does your current P4P top 10 look

Originally Posted by Haggis McJackass View Post
All of what you wrote is true, but this part I don't agree with.

We are talking about the current p4p list. Serra beat St-Pierre in April 2007 - more than five years ago. That isn't really too relevant to St-Pierre today. I mean, Jon Jones is top-3 p4p in pretty much everybody's opinion - when Serra KOed GSP, Jones was still more than a year away from making his professional MMA debut. A consensus top-3 p4per who has won 5 title fights has built his entire career since that Serra loss, that's how long ago it was.

Since Serra beat him, GSP has cleaned out a stacked division a couple of times. For years now there hasn't been a question of who The Man is in the stacked WW division - GSP's reign has been extremely emphatic.

As it happens, I rate them Anderson #1, GSP #2 and Jones #3, but that's more about Anderson's finishes and ease of victory rather than his longevity. I think that GSP and Jones have both fought consistently tougher competition, and I reckon a clear victory over Diaz will push GSP to #1 over an inactive Anderson.

I don't think there can be much debate over an undefeated champion who finishes fights being more dominant and emphatic than a champion who has been knocked out in the organization?

Condit dropped GSP hard, then laid GnP on him pushing for a finish. All credit to GSP, he showed he is a true champion by fighting through this, but let me ask, when has Anderson ever been floored by a strike and had to last through an opponent trying to TKO him on the deck? Never. He is the more dominant fighter for sure.

And I could not disagree more with your point regarding a win over Nick Diaz meaning GSP overtakes Anderson. That's just silly. Nick is an excellent fighter, but he is coming off a loss and a suspension, and his calibre of opposition has not been as good as the other top guys in his division such as Hendricks and Condit. A win over Diaz proves nothing in a race for p4p#1 spot with Silva, nothing whatsoever. Anderson has plenty of wins over Diaz-level guys (in terms of quality, maybe not profile). It would take something special for GSP to overtake Anderson, such as emphatically finishing Hendricks and the Condit/MacDonald winner back-to-back or something. Another routine UD over another routine challenger is not enough at all, no way.
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