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Default Re: Greatest Middleweight once and for all- Greb? Monzon? Hagler?

Originally Posted by burt bienstock View Post
sir, I can live with not responding to you. By the way when did I insult you? And what has race to do with this whole subject ? You have a right to your opinions but not to your own facts. If as you implied Harry Greb was a better P4P fighter than Monzon or Hagler [in your own words] than he was a better MW as that is what Harry Greb is defined as by historians...
And yes I will NOT waste my time with you as u WISH. Sayonara!
Declaring any pick for Hagler as being warped by personal bias. I'd like to think I'm a bit more objective than that.

I'm saying he achieved less in the mw division than Hagler did but achieved more overall than Hagler did.

I believe you do Greb a disservice by thinking of him as just a MW. It is my humble opinion he was even greater as a LHW.
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