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Default Re: How does your current P4P top 10 look

Originally Posted by Manila View Post
I don't think there can be much debate over an undefeated champion who finishes fights being more dominant and emphatic than a champion who has been knocked out in the organization?
Time has passed. GSP walked into one huge punch years ago, and was quickly KOed because of it. It was so long ago that GSP won the rematch (by dominant stoppage) the same week that current top-3 p4per Jon Jones made his pro debut.

Originally Posted by Manila View Post
Condit dropped GSP hard, then laid GnP on him pushing for a finish. All credit to GSP, he showed he is a true champion by fighting through this, but let me ask, when has Anderson ever been floored by a strike and had to last through an opponent trying to TKO him on the deck? Never. He is the more dominant fighter for sure.
Sonnen dropped him with strikes at least once in the first match. He didn't badly hurt him, but he floored him.

Anderson won both fights against Chael, but he lost 5 rounds out of 7 during them. Has GSP lost 5 completed rounds in his UFC career, let alone lost them in such one-sided fashion as Anderson did against Chael?

Originally Posted by Manila View Post
And I could not disagree more with your point regarding a win over Nick Diaz meaning GSP overtakes Anderson. That's just silly. Nick is an excellent fighter, but he is coming off a loss and a suspension, and his calibre of opposition has not been as good as the other top guys in his division such as Hendricks and Condit. A win over Diaz proves nothing in a race for p4p#1 spot with Silva, nothing whatsoever. Anderson has plenty of wins over Diaz-level guys (in terms of quality, maybe not profile). It would take something special for GSP to overtake Anderson, such as emphatically finishing Hendricks and the Condit/MacDonald winner back-to-back or something. Another routine UD over another routine challenger is not enough at all, no way.
First, I agree that Diaz is not the #1 contender. But he is a longtime top-level guy.

Second, wins over Condit and Diaz are better than no fights against MW contenders in the same time period. Anderson last defended his belt in July, and he has no title defence signed yet and no indication that one is coming any time soon.

All that said, I have Anderson #1 p4p as well. But p4p is current - overall career legacy is only part of it. That's why Hendo isn't a current top-5 p4per. And as of December 2012, GSP is defending his belt more often in a deeper division. There's a good argument to be made that GSP is #1 anyway, but if he beats Diaz while Anderson celebrates a year without defending his belt, his case only gets stronger.

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