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Default Re: Difference between Mma warriors and boxers

Originally Posted by recycling View Post
Beloved boxing warriors have all quit ala Duran and pedrales. Also Mma are not obsessed with quitters. Mma have the ultimate warriors like sandstorm silva who never gave up and would kick pedrales and no mas in the ass. Mma is also a harder sport
I've done both and no, MMA is not harder. There's more things in MMA that allows for more opportunities to change the course of a fight. Boxing doesn't have as many ways to rest or turn the tide of a fight that is not going in your favor. In that regard, boxing is a tougher sport.

The training and preparations are comparable in how taxing it is to get ready for a fight. There's difficult aspects of both sports but to say MMA is a tougher sport is an opinion based on nothing more than liking one sport more than the other.

There are combatants in both sports that quit. It's viewed in the same light not matter which sport we are discussing. Boxing has had more incidents where s fighter has quite but that is only becuase boxing has a much longer history than MMA.
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