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Default Re: Difference between Mma warriors and boxers

Y'all are trippin. You want ultimate warriors, WWE is where it's at. The Ultimate Warrior was the baddest ass imaginable - when he fought....he remembered (the war that is....he fought in Vietnam).

No MMA fighter or boxer can withstand drop kicks from a top rope, or a steel chair.

Anyways, i do believe we've beat this dead horse far longer than needed out of sheer amusement. The thread has already reached its full retard capacity (starting with the original post).

JohnnyDrama's post is the most sensible thing i've read in a while, that pretty much sums up what most of us are thinking anyway.

On another note, Boranbk's avatar represents the most pain inflicted by merely looking at a photo. Man, I could just hear that jaw snapping. Although I imagine the kicker's foot musta hurt a tad too. That's not a happy place.
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