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Default Re: This is why Danny Green doesnt like Geale

Originally Posted by buster007 View Post
u can't have it both ways.

before the fight and based on CURRENT form of both fighters, EVERYBODY said rjj was going to embarrass green and green wouldn't land 1 punch in the whole 12 rounds.

after the fight, now u want to change your mind and say, oh green won ONLY cause rjj is a **** fighter now.

that is HYPOCRISY. and a failure to give credit where due.
What are you on about Buster?
How is any of what I said hypocrisy?

RJJ was once upon a time an elite boxer. He had incredible speed, reflexes, combinations, footwork, all the qualities that make a great fighter, and more.

Danny Green is a robotic B level plodder who does nothing particularly well, but at his ideal weight has good stamina, a sturdy chin, and heart.

Green caught Jones at least 5 years past Jones physical best, and IMO, complacent.
Green was damn lucky that night IMO.

Sorry if I can't give credit to a plodder beating an ATG in his retirement.
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