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Default Re: This is why Danny Green doesnt like Geale

Originally Posted by buster007 View Post
i don't care about what your opinion is now after the fight.
Great, I don't care about yours either.
all the experts with decades of experience were positive that on current form rjj was going to make green look silly. i'd take their opinion over yours every day of the week.
Again, great. I'd probably take their opinion over mine too, generally.

My thoughts before the fight were nothing scientific.
I felt that if RJJ isn't as shot as what some felt, he should take it.
If he is as shot as some say, he'll get starched.

The deciding factor in this fight was how bad RJJ had become, nothing more.
so, if someone wants to argue that green won only cause rjj was a **** fighter once in the ring with green is simply not giving credit where due.
I respectfully disagree.
RJJ was most certainly a **** fighter when in the ring with Green.
(By comparison to what he once was).
otherwise where was your prediction that green was going to smash rjj and send him back home battered and bruised?
See above. I didn't bet on this fight, as I couldn't tell exactly how much he had lost.
tell us all the thousands of dollars u won betting on green by round 1 ko. if u r so adament that rjj was so **** at the time, u would have cleaned up bigtime yeah?

again, u can't have it both ways.
Not trying to.
Most of us simply misjudged how bad RJJ had become.

Put it this way, Green didn't win the fight because of how good he is, rather RJJ lost the fight because of bad he had become.
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