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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

Originally Posted by Bummy Davis View Post
but David Haye does but Thompson KO'd him and Vlad did not...Louis hit harder than any of the men that Ko'd Vlad and quickness is not the only quality Joe had, he was the hardest punching combo puncher ever with killer instinct....I am not unrealistic I see Vlads strengths but lets be real...the same guys who were tearing Vlad down and (I can pull out the posts) are now on the front-running bandwagon...I always thought a lot of Vlad but he also has his weaknesses and to overcome Louis, Lewis, Tyson is not impossible but nothing is easy and Louis would be the hardest to overcome, he has a proven record against big men, none with the ability of Vlad but I don't know anyone that can punch as hard and fast as the Brown Bomber and none, not Haye,Brewster, Sanders, Purity could do anything as good as him at any level.
What does Haye even have to do with this? Haye has a completely different style than Louis, so the comparison is moot. Haye is an outside fighter, uses his legs for defense, has good upper body movement. Louis is a plodder with fast hands, who throws short, hard punches. I don't see Louis closing the gap without getting his head knocked off. Also, Louis' power is somewhat overrated because of the small gloves he fought in. As for "killer instinct," I don't put much stock in this. Louis can come into the ring with all the "killer instinct" in the world and one right hand or left hook from Vlad will change his life.
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