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Default Re: This is why Danny Green doesnt like Geale

Originally Posted by Sox View Post
Who are all these respected people that said RJJ was in good form? i don't need to name them, they said it publically. if u don't believe me then i can't help u.
As far as I remember, everyone knew he was past his best, it was just a matter of how much. no **** sherlock.

It's not that hard to land one on Green. denial.

Compared to what he once did, sure. so landing jabs at will and avoiding any attempt from green up until the knock down punch was a substandard effort? u r a liar!! u did not witness that and think as such when it was live and u know it. u r making it up to suit yourself.
if rjj was so ****, where r all these other early round ko's that he has suffered?

if a fighter with as much lack of skill as green can ko him, surely there would be many better opponents that rjj has faced that should have ko'd him early yeah?

u just don't want to give credit where due, admit it.
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