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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

This thread is begining to seperate the men from the boys who are massively overestimating Klitschko and underrating former greats.

Wlad has never fought anybody remotley near the greatness of Louis in his entire life. What evidence is out there to suggest he handles an ATG ring master, who had teffific movement combined with precision counter punching.

Wlad's whole head and body is there to be chopped apart in close range by anybody who possesses the right tools. Peter was able to knock Wlad down ,who walked in straight lines and threw wild uncoordinated hooks.
If Wlad or anybody thinks he could nail him with the right hand, by the time he has it ****ed, Louis with a little flick will be somewhere else, pouncing on him with an attack he never saw coming.(Louis dealt with big right hand monster punchers with Max Bear) Once Wlad is stunned or knocked down there is little recourse for him as no human body can withstand punishment from Louis.

With that being said, i still give Rock a better chance of taking him down. There is nothing out there to prove he can hold up against relentless pressure from one of the hardest puncher's to ever live who harboured an unstoppable chin with enormous heat and courage.
There is footage to prove how he doesn't handle pressure , as seen in the 2d round against Sanders. As soon as the bell rang and Sanders bullrushed him, Wlad did not know where he was. For a supposed "ATG" he showed no ability to trade back, move out of range or even cover up. Rock was a swarmer and brawler and there isn't much hope for Wlad without those 3 defenisive mechanics to compete against him.

Merry Christmas.
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