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Default Re: This is why Danny Green doesnt like Geale

Originally Posted by Sox View Post
WTF do you want? I haven't avoided anything, read back through the posts I made. I've told you how I saw it.

I never said RJJ would embarrass Green for 12 rounds.
As for the conclusion that RJJ is ****, well Green beat him, so that says it all. Green isn't that good.

You're carrying on like TC, taking things out of context and throwing around silly insults.

Sure, RJJ may not have been **** as such, but he was **** compared to what he once was, which is what I've said all along.

Team Green chose him for very specific reason, they knew he was well past his use by date.

Now, can we let it rest and just agree to disagree?
You need to understand Buster, contrary to what you think, I don't hate Danny Green. Yes, he is a long way off my favorite boxer, but there's plenty I dislike much more.
I do however recognise Greens limited boxing ability.

my main point ok, is that, rjj was not as **** as has been said. yes he was past his prime.
but great boxers in good form, get caught by good punches even by inferior boxers. sometimes by good shots, sometimes by pure luck by throwing a punch without even looking properly.

imo, it's because its danny green that did it that people just refuse to give any credit at all.

now back to green/geale. daniel geale will soon be left to take over from green/mundine, and he needs to do as much as possible while he can to get the people who watch the green/mundine fights to pay to watch his future fights.

for his sake, i hope his management see that this is a vital point in his career to focus on achieving this.

now how does he do this?

i'll start a topic on it ok.
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