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Default Re: how does geale get the green/mundine boxing viewers to watch his fights?

Originally Posted by kel View Post
He can't really, Mundine was a polarising figure who had appeal outside the general boxing fans. Green just went along for the ride and sucked up to the media and played the Aussie (bogan) nice guy.
Exactly, Mandy is who he is today because of football, not boxing.
And Green, well yeh, the bogan thing worked wonders for him beyond the Mandy fight.
Also Geales style of fighting doesn't appeal to normal sports fans...... i.e he is not a KO merchant like a Tyson was
Bang on, Geales somewhat of a technician. The masses aren't interested in the sweet science, they're just want to see someones head knocked off.
Originally Posted by Sandman_ View Post
1. Beat Mundine & be recognised as the best middleweight in the country.
He already is recognised as the best in the country pound for pound, but I get your point.
2. Keep winning. Beating Sturm in Germany won't be easy the second time around.
Won't be a need to fight Sturm in Germany twice. Sturm will have to come here or not fight at all.
3. Unify the titles. Obviously much easier said than done. Even people who aren't boxing fans in this country know who Kostya Tszyu is. When he beat Zab Judah, non-boxing might not have known precisely what he'd done, but they knew he'd done good!
Yep. It will come too.
If Geale beats Mundine and hangs onto his belt for awhile, his recognition amongst mainstream media & fans will steadily (albeit slowly) increase.
Originally Posted by SP_Mauler View Post
Be proclaimed greater then Mundine/Green(Which he is)
Like you said, he already is,and I think plenty know it these days anyhow.
Have him open up about his life
Nah, it only sets you up for potential **** from the media.
Celebs only have to fart in the wrong direction and the media is all over them.
Dunno hard call.

Maybe challenge SBW to a fight.
No. That's silly Green talk.
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