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Default My fights and trainning questions/opinions

Ok everyone lets start with a short description of me. currently 205lbs 19 years old 5'11

First fight. 188lbs 5'11 16 years old im blue

Second fight. ????, 5'11 17 years old im red


third fight 198lbs 5'11 18 years old im blue


I Rematched the guy in my third fight and lost as well

these are my opinions on my fights

First fight. I thought it was going well in the first round gassed out halfway through the second

second fight. went horrible wasn't mentally prepared and was burn't out

Third fight. First round beating the **** out of him. second round gas out halfway through and just last the few minutes left of the second round and the third

fourth fight. just lost plain and simple

First question/opinions

I in all of my fights would run 3-4 miles 3-5 times a week as well as attend my boxing club and follow the routine there 2 times a week and 3 times a week 2 weeks before my fight.

Currently i am trainning in my garage at home because my club isnt running during the holidays and i will be switching clubs i will explain why later. But i have changed many things in my workout routine. I start with skipping anywhere between 20-40 minutes of skipping every second day at least. if possible everyday with the skipping. When i have time i shadow box intensley for 4 3 minute rounds rounds 3 times with 1 minute breaks. or i have a friend hold pads for me and this concludes my workout at home. But all though its not the amount of working out i want to do which is just due to lack of time. I am finding my stamina is far better then anytime in my entire boxing career from doing the skipping vs the running. and i am now able to loose weight much faster as well.

Currently 205lbs, 5'11, 19 years old

I am switching clubs because there is too little people at my club so i never get the opportunity to spar or compete will be resuming in january 3 at another club i also want to learn some new training methods from a coach who will be able to teach me new techniques and training methods.

The main questions i need some opinions/ answers too.

A.what are the best ways to build stamina.

I read having my heart rate up to the level that its as if i was fighting is how to build cardio but my coach wanted me to do this by running 3-4 miles which required a lot of time and i have bad knees so i switched to skipping/ shadow boxing which seems to get my heart rate up to where it needs to be in 6 minutes instead of 20-30 am i fooling my self or is this in fact a better alternative to running

B. Diet

What the hell do i eat on a daily basis that allows me to have energy but avoid gaining weight

C. point out any technical flaws you see in my form

D. What are some places besides a boxing gym i may be able to spar with fellow boxers on my own time?
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