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Default Re: the method - johnny famechon

That is a great question Boxon123; you got me goin now...

Ambrose Palmer never used those catching mitts.

It was always him gloved up, and his protege gloved up. No one ever asked why...who would have ever questioned Palmer on teaching techniques ?

Using mitts is so does not replicate what happens in the ring, some of the routines I have seen mitt trainers use, look good, and fierce, and would be much more entertaining with some cowboy music; but these moves are shallow, and often do not LINK with boxing reality, and do not give regard to risk management. I also see these operators throw a horizontal swing as the mitt banger bobs under it, and continues to power away....utter bull****e. I see that sometimes the mitt holders/operators, poke out a tokenry left jab or right cross with the side edge of their mitts, useless, in order to 'keep the boxer on his toes', but this never matches the benefits of a trainer throwing actual punches at you, that you have to ward off or catch in order to deliver. Never in this exchange between mitt holder and mitt banger, do you see both engage in an exchange of a left jab.

Some of you will say, oh, we only use the mitts for fitness; but putting a boxer through this creates moves and groves that a boxer should not engage other words is bad practise. IMO.

The users of these mitts do not calculate the defence strategy or dangers, it is just punch here, now there, now here....and there is only high hope that a routine will match what occurs in the ring.

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