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Default Re: Heavy bag - advice needed

Originally Posted by Camaris View Post
Hi, my BBE 4ft heavy bag finally gave way yesterday after 3 and a half years of beatings in all elements outside.... The final strap gave way and it was a brutal knockout.

I went out and bought a 4ft Golds gym bag from the one and only sports shop in town for sixty quid. The problem is it is quite a lot lighter than my last bag, meaning it hits the boxing frame it is mounted on when you **** it properly, and it swings more.

All I want is a heavy, heavy bag. Does anyone know which ones are good or where to get a really solid one from that is convenient and easy? I'd really appreciate some advice before spending any more dough. I just sort of assumed the new one would be the same.

No need to buy another bag just yet. You can take the filling out and and pack it with whatever you want and however you like.

I have used all kinds of things to fill home made equiptment (i.e. Bulgarian bags, homemade medicine *****, body bags etc, standard punch bags). I have used mixtures of sand, maize, rubber mulch, cat litter, dried dog food, gravel etc. You can mix in the original filling however you see fit - Experiment, and see what works best for you.

You may have to re-pack the the bag every few months if any of the granules end up moving to the bottom of the bag depending how / what you use. Having said that, I anticipated having to do this but so far, after months / years of use, I haven't had to do this yet.

Just make sure you don't make the bag too hard and / or ensure your hands are well wrapped and your gloves provide the protection you need.

Have fun.
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