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Default Re: List off 5 current favorite fighters.5 hated fighters

Originally Posted by Toker View Post
There's way more than five and I like fighters for different reasons:

Mayweather (amazing skills, best i've seen since sweat pea)
Cotto (heart, timing)
Pac (reflexes, speed, unorthodox style, excitement)
Sergio Martinez (I'm speachless when I watch him fight plus he does all that with very little sparring...incredible)
JMM (great counterpunching and very cerebral)
Mayorga (just the funniest man to ever lace them up, I also love how he would spark up a cig right after a victory LOL)
Paulie Mali(IDK how to spell his last name)nagi (Icredible heart, and pretty good skills)
Amir Khan (speed, athletic ablility)
Yuriorkis Gamboa (speed and power)
JuanMa lopez (the heart and will he showed in defeat is incredible)

Only two fighters I've ever really disliked

Margarito (I think he cheated vs. cotto, but even if not he tried to cheat vs. mosley and he just comes off as an asshole in general, plus that ****** beaver haircut annoyed the Eff out of me)

Vitor Ortiz (he comes off as the dumbest guy to ever lace them up, and he seems to show very little heart, it's annoying how a guy like that could reach such a high level)

I looked at youlist and thought; "wow, thats pretty close to how I think: Except for the following:
Wlad Klitschko -->indifferent . . . re****ed fans killed what ever love i could have for the man.
Danny Garcia --> Indifferent . . . he is not a bad guy and Ok overall but he does not draw emotions either way really.
Carl Froch --> Dislike . . . biggest overachiever in the sport . . . severally overrated

Ward --> Never liked the guy but appreciated the great skill in the ring. Guy gets a lot of heat (mainly from Froch fans) so in defending him I slowly became a fan (despite his SOG bull****).

Bute and Pascal--> gotta love the great Canadian pugilist.

Broner--> haters drew me in to liking the guy just like Ward
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