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Default Re: List off 5 current favorite fighters.5 hated fighters

Originally Posted by JASPER View Post
I looked at youlist and thought; "wow, thats pretty close to how I think: Except for the following:
Wlad Klitschko -->indifferent . . . re****ed fans killed what ever love i could have for the man.
Danny Garcia --> Indifferent . . . he is not a bad guy and Ok overall but he does not draw emotions either way really.
Carl Froch --> Dislike . . . biggest overachiever in the sport . . . severally overrated

Ward --> Never liked the guy but appreciated the great skill in the ring. Guy gets a lot of heat (mainly from Froch fans) so in defending him I slowly became a fan (despite his SOG bull****).

Bute and Pascal--> gotta love the great Canadian pugilist.

Broner--> haters drew me in to liking the guy just like Ward
You know what same thing has happened to to me with Mayweather. I mean I was always a fan, but when the idiots kept saying that he retired to avoid the best fighters, I felt the hypocrisy was too great. It was the same people that were laughing at him for being broke and having to come back to boxing for a pay check that said his retirement was a made up form of ducking....really???? Anyway I became a VERY big fan of his instead of a small fan of his skills because of it.
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