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Default Re: Difference between Mma warriors and boxers

Originally Posted by Juiceboxbiotch View Post
Most sensible Boxing fans can see that the UFC has actually helped Boxing by bringing young fans to fight sports. Boxing has been "not what it used to be" for a long time before the first UFC event... that being said, Boxing pay per view events consistently do numbers over a million buys and the top fighters are making in upwards of 5 times what top MMA fighters are getting paid. Your argument is shallow and unresearched, I'm sorry.

I'm a fan of both sports, but I'm not so short-sighted as to constantly try to pit them against eachother, because that's simply not whats going on. Despite what Dana White would have you believe.
Sorry, but I'm not arguing here. Please don't take that the wrong way and try to 1 up me with PPV #s and salaries.... You can add up PPV buys annualy from The UFC alone and the results will match or surpass the handful of PPVs Boxing offers each year. Professional Boxing has been a part of Western Culture for hundreds of years as to twenty for Mixed Martial Arts so there is very little substance to what has been said. Not to mention that Boxing is the most corrupt Sport on the planet so I won't be surprised if MMA salaries ever rival those of the protected, ducking, dodging elite Boxers in this lifetime.

The bottom line is that Sports fans in America were watching Boxing before The UFC presented us with MMA. With the reasons given above it should come as no surprise as to why MMA is the fastest growing Sport in the World and on primetime television instead of Boxing.

Please don't tell me I'm pitting the two Sports against each other as you salty ****s from The Classic and General leak your garbage into my beloved Section on a weekly basis. From ignorant posts about ***uality to retarted threads like so. Yes, I read the OP, but tell me I'm wrong once again. This will be clear to you and the like when the ****ty ratings from Adamek v Cunningham and future Boxing events on free TV are in.

As for Dana White, child please, he is a businessman and President of The UFC. Have you heard his comments on Bob Arum? Y'all musta forgot.

Now put that in your pipe and smoke it.
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