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Default Re: The Real Reason Why Pacquiao Get's Hated on.

Originally Posted by unsigned_userv2 View Post
The more successful you are at something, the more people will become jealous and hate you for it.

If your opinion of a boxer's quality is based on his/her fans then you really should look at how you form your opinions because it says a lot about your weak-mind influenced by the anonymous masses.

Take responsibility for your own independent opinion and stop basing your opinion on 'pactards'. It's like hating on fish because they are surrounded by water. Idiotic statement.

I'll share a secret you already know:
If you have ever accused anyone of being a 'pactard' (or a '*****', or a [insert boxer name] nuthugger or a whatever) then you are a weak-minded person who wastes their time arguing trivial things. A strong-minded person would take responsibility for their own life and would ignore the ravings of a misinformed person and move on to something more mentally-stimulating.
Blah blah blah ... I move on to something more physically stimulating like porn You guys take this **** too seriously. I don't see the problem with Pactards and *****s. It's all just fun. Internet warriors don't get to me. I just close the browser.
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